About Us

ArtDesh Gallery, was formed in 2008 by the art collector Bharat Patel and artist Gautam Patole as a working studio with a view to give a platform to emerging contemporary artists from India. Since its inception, the gallery has promoted numerous artists and proudly has guided them towards building sustainable careers; and has now developed into a community for artists and art lovers to gather, and share their knowledge and experience, to further the reach of ART to the widest possible audience.

ArtDesh has curated numerous exhibitions, festivals, workshops and art events, and adopts its own distinct approach by engaging with audiences at an individual and personal level. Our doors are always open and we are always open to share our thoughts, ideas and passion for the arts.

Based in newly refurbished space in Walkeshwar, South Mumbai, ArtDesh is now also offering the art space for hire.

If you would like to hire ArtDesh Gallery for an exhibition or event, Kindly download Our Brochure.